If You Want Better Quality Glass, Be Prepared to Speak Up

March 28, 2017

by Bob Beranek

“Since I began in the auto glass industry, technicians have regularly complained of poor glass quality. I remember the DW725-26 Chrysler windshield that had a bend problem that reached unbelievable proportions. The edges and bottom could be placed dry and directly on the pinchweld and the top center had almost an inch gap off the pinchweld. That was a problem. I remember having to convince Volvo owners that their desire to have OE glass installed was a mistake, because OE didn’t fit. The glass was too small and the mouldings would not cover the gap between the glass edge and the pinchweld wall, causing the mouldings to rattle or blow off. I had to sell them on the Safeguard FW404 and OE clips to make it work.” –Bob Beranek


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