Become an AGSC-Registered Member Company

Becoming an Auto Glass Safety Council-Registered Member Company will show your customers that you meet the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard and that you are committed to safety and quality at the highest level.

The benefits of being an AGSC Registered Member Company include:

  • Inclusion as an AGSC Registered Member Company on and (a locator service by which consumers find AGSC Registered Member Companies in their area).
  • Instant recognition and credibility with consumers and insurers alike as a company committed to proper auto glass installation and safety.
  • Discounts on AGSC technician certification tests. Three tests are included with your annual registration dues and additional tests may be purchased at $39 each. For more information, visit All auto glass replacement technicians employed by AGSC Registered Member Companies are required to be AGSC certified technicians.
  • An independent third-party audit verifying your company’s compliance to the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard and providing your company with an added level of professionalism. For more information about the audit program, visit
  • The ability to serve on AGSC committees and influence industry standards and practices.
  • Use of the AGSC Registered Member Company logo.
  • Access to AGSC marketing materials, newsletters, informational and training webinars and events.

For companies that employ three or fewer auto glass replacement (AGR) technicians, AGSC offers a Marketing Co-op Program by which companies can pay an annual dues rate of only $300 USD. For more information regarding this program, contact us at or 540/602-3263.

Otherwise, the AGSC Registration is a three-year registration with annual dues of $600 USD plus appropriate technician fees (up to 3 technicians included; 4-49 technicians at $35 each; 50-99 technicians at $30 each; 100+ technicians at $25 each). The registration dues can be paid via credit card in monthly installments of 1/12th the total payment plus a $4.50 monthly service fee.

To Become a Registered Member Company

First, you will want to understand and follow the AGRSS™ Standard (ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 005-2022) developed and managed by AGSC.

Next, complete the application HERE. Your successful completion of this application means your company is serious about its compliance with the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard, the standard of best practices for the safe installation of auto glass. Treat this application seriously, since you are stating that your company and its auto glass installation personnel adhere to this standard.

Finally, please review Validation Preparation.  This will acquaint you with the audit process.  Every company must undergo an audit at least once during its first three years of membership and periodically thereafter.

If you have questions regarding the application process, contact us at 540/602-3263 or email