AGSC Introduces New Discount Program for Certification through Registered Training Courses

September 16, 2014

agsc_reg-training-prog_jpegThe Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is pleased to introduce a new program to allow technicians to become certified at discounted rates.

Through this new, exciting program, providers of AGSC Registered Training Courses may provide coupons for discounted AGSC certification rates to all technicians who successfully complete their Registered Training Course. Please note that to participate in this program, the course provider must be an AGSC Member providing an AGSC Registered Training program. The coupons, which should contain the name of the participant, the date of the training, and a unique coupon code, should offer a discounted certification exam fee of $49 for technicians who work for AGSC Registered Member Companies and $69 for all others to take the AGSC technician certification exam. When the Registered Training Courses provide the coupons, AGSC will discount the rates. Exam fees are normally $89 for members and $149 for non-members, so the savings is significant.

The coupons provided to technicians will expire within six months of the completion of an AGSC Registered Training Course.

The AGSC requests that Registered Training Course providers that wish to participate in this program assist within it in several ways. First, the course providers must communicate to technicians in their courses that the coupons may only be used by the technician(s) attending the training. In addition, the course providers must issue a unique coupon code to technicians and also must inform AGSC of the coupon codes issued so that the codes can be validated. The codes should be sent to AGSC certification director Vinny LaMarco at Also, contact information must be provided to identify the appropriate AGSC Registered Training Course Provider personnel to refer to in the event that the AGSC needs to verify the authenticity of a coupon code submitted by a technician.

Note to Registered Training Course Providers: This form should be used to communicate the coupon codes and contact personnel to AGSC.

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