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September 27, 2016
by Kathy Bimber

by Kathy Bimber

On a fairly regular basis our office receives calls from individuals who need to have their windshields replaced. The callers want to make sure they choose a company that will do it correctly and ask for recommendations. We are happy to refer them to an AGSC Member in their area.

Every once in a while, I receive calls from individuals who used and were surprised at the way they were treated on the phone by the company they chose. The most common complaint is that the individual they spoke with seemed to be very impatient or offended with their questions as to the process and safety of the installation.

Most consumers know very little to nothing about windshield installations. If they Googled “safe windshield installations,” they were likely to have seen quite a few listings that spoke to the safety of windshield installations and the dangers of not having the windshield replaced correctly.

I once talked with a grandmother who provided after-school care for her grandchildren and transported them to all of their activities. She stated that their lives were in her hands and it was a necessity that her windshield was replaced correctly for her peace of mind and the safety of her grandchildren. She wanted to make sure the company she chose would do the installation correctly.

First contact with your potential customers will speak volumes about how concerned you are about their safety and whether they feel you will do the job correctly. Do you take the time to listen to them? Do you fully answer their questions? Do you talk about the priority you place on safety and doing the job right? Do you share what it means to be an AGSC Registered Member Company?

How you respond to potential customers helps to determine, in their eyes, whether you are trustworthy and able to do the job right. To you it might be just another windshield installation job but to them it might be the safety of the lives of their grandchildren.

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