Why It’s Important to Use an AGSC Registered Company

February 23, 2017

When your policyholders find themselves in need of auto glass replacement services and come to you for advice, it is important that they use a company that they know will do the job safely and properly. Most consumers don’t know that the windshield is an important part of the vehicle’s safety system. It serves as part of the occupant restraint system and is as an important safety item as your car’s brakes.

Registered Member Companies of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) have agreed to undergo on-site third-party safety audits on a random and continuous basis. These companies are committed to quality and safety and to following the AGRSS™ Standard. You can find an AGSC-Registered Member Company by visiting www.safewindshields.org and entering the customer’s zip code to locate the closest shop.

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