Why All the Paperwork?

March 28, 2018

by Kathy Bimber

I am frequently asked the following questions: “Why is there so much paperwork to fill out to become an AGSC Registered Member Company?”; and “Why does the paperwork have to be completed again each year?”

New Companies

I will admit there does seem to be a lot of paperwork to complete in application to become an AGSC Registered Member Company. There are, however, reasons for this. Let me break them down for you:

  1. The Application to Become a Registered Member Company
  • The first section requests the basic company information such as address, email address, website, etc. We request this information for several reasons. It allows us to know how to list your company in our registration records and on our website www.safewindshields.org where consumers can locate an AGSC Registered Member Company near them. It also provides us with contact information in order for us to send you information pertinent to your company such as legislative alerts, updates and news from AGSC and yes, the renewal invoices and audit notification paperwork.
  • The second section lists several items to which the company owner must agree. The owner’s signature signifies that the owner agrees to comply with the requirements of the AGSC for a Registered Member Company and the current ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard.
  • The third section requests information regarding the auto glass replacement technicians your company employs, the number of and information for any additional shop locations and whether your company complies with all state licensing laws required for auto glass repair/replacement companies for the state(s) in which it does business. We ask for the technician information because the amount of registration dues your company pays is based on the number of technicians it employs. In addition, starting December 31, 2018, AGSC requires that any technicians that work for your company be AGSC Certified Technicians. Knowing the number and names of the technicians allows us to verify that your company complies with this requirement. Finally, as stated in the Code of Ethics for AGSC Registered Member Companies, companies are required to “be fully aware of and abide by the federal, state and local legal requirements governing the operations of auto glass replacement shops.” We ask the question relating to the state licensing laws so that we can verify that you are compliant. Please note that the licensing laws to which we are referring relate to special business licenses required for auto glass repair/replacement shops by certain states.
  1. The Attachment B – Declaration of Standard Conformance
  • The first page asks for your company name and address and the adhesive manufacturer system you use. This helps us in case the document is separated from the application form.
  • Pages two through eight contain questions requiring a yes or no answer. These questions correspond with the current AGRSS™ Standard. By answering the questions, you are self-verifying whether your company complies with all the requirements of the AGRSS™ Standard for auto glass installation. All AGSC Registered Member Companies MUST replace auto glass in compliance with the AGRSS™ Standard.
  • The last page, the Deliverables Check List, lists the items (deliverables) that must be submitted with the Attachment B form. We ask for these items to verify that:
    • The adhesive products you use are compliant with the AGRSS™ Standard;
    • You have the most current instructions for these products as required by the AGRSS™ Standard;
    • The records you keep are compliant with the AGRSS™ Standard;
    • Your technicians are fully qualified for the tasks they are required to perform as required by the AGRSS™ Standard; and
    • All company employees in the auto glass replacement process have received a copy of the AGRSS™ Standard and have been trained to the Standard as required by the AGRSS™ Standard.

Asking for this information also assists you because at the time of your audit, which will take place within your first three years of registration and periodically thereafter, you will need to provide this information to the auditor.

Current Companies

Prior to the yearly registration renewal for your company, you are sent an invoice with a Renewal Application and an Attachment B – Renewal form.

  1. The Renewal Application – This document is the same document you completed with your application to become an AGSC Registered Member Company. We ask that you complete it again to verify that the information we have on file for your company (and on www.safewindshields.org) is accurate. You would be surprised at the number of companies that move, add /remove locations, or hire new technicians in a year or states that pass new requirements for auto glass repair/replacement shops.
  2. The Attachment B – Renewal – This document is a shortened version of the one you completed with your initial application. We ask that you re-certify that you are installing auto glass in compliance with the AGRSS™ Standard, the essential requirement for AGSC Registered Member Companies. We also ask whether you are using the same adhesive manufacturer system as when you applied (or reported on your previous year’s renewal). If you are, you just need to sign the form and submit it. If you have switched your adhesive manufacturer system, you will need to download a copy of the full Attachment B – Declaration of Standard Conformance document and submit it with the deliverable documents that correspond with the new system you are using.

So, while the paperwork may be maddening to you, there really is a purpose for it. We thank you for your patience and compliance with completing it. As always, if you ever have a question about the information we are requesting, we are happy to assist.

Thank you for being an AGSC Registered Member Company!

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