What Type of Notification Does a Selected Location Receive?

December 15, 2010

Selected locations and their corporate offices receive a telephone call from the AGRSS® Council Inc. approximately ten weeks prior to their validations.

This call tells them that they have been selected for validation, and gives them a two-week window in which they will be scheduled. The call also verifies the information on file and gives the location a chance to ask any questions they have about the process. Locations are told that they will receive a call from Orion Registrar approximately 30 days prior to the validation.

During the call from Orion, they will receive their exact validation date and time and have the opportunity to ask questions. AGRSS also mails and e-mails the main office and the selected location a packet shortly after this telephone call.

Included in this packet is the AGRSS Compliance Checklist, which is used by the validators, Attachment C, which describes the AGRSS validation program, and a request for specific information and records to be sent to AGRSS prior to the validation. The purpose of the request is to ensure that the validator has the most up-to-date information about the location so that it can be scheduled correctly and to allow the validator to complete part of the validation off-site.

The packet informs locations that they must have all their auto glass replacement technicians install a windshield either at the location or at a nearby mobile installation site (within a 15-minute drive time of the location) during the scheduled validation. This includes any technicians working from a mobile unit. All auto glass replacement technicians assigned to the location must be included in the validation. There must be one windshield installation per technician. If customer vehicles are not available, personal or company vehicles may be used.

Lastly, the packet informs locations that they must have certain types of historical records available at the location, going back three years or to the time of their AGRSS registration, whichever is shorter.

If records are kept off-site, the location needs to inform AGRSS immediately so that arrangements can be made for a specific sample of the records to be moved on site for the validation.

These records include:

  • Records showing all adhesive system component lot numbers are traceable to each job;
  • Records showing all glass parts are traceable to the installation by a DOT number;
  • Records showing all glass parts are traceable to the installation by part number; and
  • Technician training/qualification records.

In summary, locations receive ample notification of when the validation will occur, and what is required both before and during the validation. They will have opportunities to ask questions both of AGRSS and Orion Registrar (the validation company), and the peace of mind of knowing that they have appropriately prepared for the visit.

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