Validating the Training Requirements in the AGRSS® Standard

January 11, 2013

Recently, I have been asked how Orion Registrar validates the section 8, “Education,” of the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (ANSI/AGRSS 002-2002). The reason there is confusion is that there are two methods for validating these requirements and how a location acquired its training determines which method is used.

If a location has used an AGSC-Registered Training Program, then the validator only needs to verify that there are records proving that each technician who installs auto glass has completed the training program, and that each technician participates in some sort of on-going training. Evidence of completion of the training program is usually demonstrated by a certificate. The on-going training evidence is gathered via interview questions. The certificate is sufficient evidence to prove the compliance of the training program because AGSC-Registered training programs have:

1.   been reviewed by the AGSC Education Committee to ensure all AGRSS training requirements are met;
2.   been approved by the AGSC Education Committee; and
3.   paid a fee to be considered an AGSC-Registered Training Program.

As of November 8, 2012, the following organizations have AGSC Registered Training Programs for ANSI/AGRSS 002-2002:
·     Automotive Glass Consultants;
·     Dow Automotive;
·     Glass Doctor;
·     Independent Glass Association;
·     Shat R Proof Corp; and
·     SIKA Corp

If a location has not used an AGSC registered training program, then the validator needs to review evidence that all the requirements of section 8 of ANSI/AGRSS 002-2002 have been met for each technician who installs auto glass. Since this can be a time-consuming process, often requiring the location to acquire records from their training provider, Orion asks for these records prior to the audit so that the validation process can be as efficient as possible. Based on the ANSI/AGRSS 002-2002 requirements, a validator would need to see, at a minimum, the following evidence:

1.   a training program covering all the required topics (including the ANSI/AGRSS Standard itself);
2.   evidence of completion of the program by each technician who installs auto glass; and
3.   a final exam for each technician who installs auto glass.

In addition, the validator would ask each technician about his on-going training.

In this way, Orion Registrar can validate that requirements have been met, regardless of the source of the training.

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