Utah Passes Revised ADAS Bill

February 26, 2021

Revised Automated Driver Assistance System (ADAS) legislation that extends consumer notice requirements that must be provided by auto glass companies even if the vehicle is not equipped with ADAS has passed in the Utah legislature and is awaiting signature by the Governor. The bill, S 78, passed the Senate on February 9 and the House on February 18. It makes the following changes to the Utah ADAS law enacted in 2020:

  • Changes ADAS to “Advanced Driver Assistance Feature” and adds that it is an electronic safety system that is “tied to the windshield of a vehicle” to its definition;
  • Requires the consumer notices that must be provided by the automotive glass company or repair facility to be “in electronic or hardcopy writing”;
  • Extends similar consumer notice requirements and penalties on automotive glass companies to all consumers seeking automotive glass repair or replacement. These requirements include the automotive glass company must provide an electronic or hard copy written itemized description of work to be done and if the insurer is paying for all or part of the repair; the insurance company is not required to pay more than a fair and competitive local price; and the automotive glass company may not represent that the insurer is paying full amount unless insurer has approved; is not limited to glass, tooling or equipment dictated or recommended by the manufacturer; and may only bill or charge for repair, replacement or recalibration services that are performed and necessary.
  • Makes violators of these provisions guilty of an infraction and subject to $500 civil fine.

For text of the Utah bill as passed, CLICK HERE.

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