Utah Enacts ADAS Legislation

April 2, 2020

On March 28 the Governor of Utah signed automobile repair legislation that includes issues regarding auto glass Advanced Driver Assistance Systems recalibrations. The new law will become effective May 12, 2020. The Utah State Legislature passed the legislation, S 120, on March 12.

The bill requires auto glass repairers of vehicles with ADAS, prior to performing work, to inform the customer whether a calibration is necessary and will be performed, an itemized description of the work and the amount of the repair that will be covered by the insurer. Repairers may not represent to consumers that work will be paid for entirely by insurance unless the repair is fully covered and approved by the insurer. Repairers are required to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications but are not limited to tooling or equipment dictated or recommended by the manufacturer’s procedures and specifications. If the calibration is not performed or completed successfully, repairers must inform the consumer, electronically or in writing, that the vehicle should be taken to the manufacturer’s certified repair shop or other qualified repair shop for proper calibration and repair. Insurers may not be required to pay more than a fair and competitive price for the local market area. Violations of the requirements are subject to a civil penalty of $500. The bill also prohibits anyone with actual knowledge that the ADAS is inoperable or requires calibration to sell the vehicle. Anyone who does so is subject to a civil penalty of up to $500 and civil damages of up to $1,500.

Text of the bill is HERE.

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