Utah ADAS Bill Amended by Committee

February 11, 2021

The Utah Senate Business and Labor Committee passed an amended version of legislation regarding advanced driver assistance.  Last year Utah enacted an ADAS law.  In January Senator Curtis Bramble, the sponsor of last year’s legislation, introduced a bill that moved the provisions from the transportation code to consumer protection.  The substitute bill passed out of committee eliminated that jurisdictional transition.  It also clarified that the law applied to an Advanced Driver Assistance “feature” defined as including a camera “tied to windshield”.  The substitute bill also added that the required notices to consumer had to be “in electronic or hardcopy writing” and reiterated the civil penalty of up to $500 adding that violators would also be “guilty of an infraction”. The substitute version of the bill now moves to the Senate Floor.

For the substitute version of Utah SB 78, CLICK HERE.

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