Training is Not Just for Technicians

May 31, 2019

by Penny Ouellette

While the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard does address training requirements for auto glass replacement technicians, it does not stop there. It also has training and training record requirements for “all personnel directly involved in the automotive glass replacement process (examples: scheduling, purchasing, installing, customer service, quality control, management).”

A common noncompliance among audited organizations is their lack of a record that this training has been completed. Per Section 9.2 of the AGRSS™ Standard, the training must cover “the content and requirements of the current version of this standard.”

The record of this training must include:

  • the content of the training,
  • the date of the training,
  • the names of the participants,
  • acknowledgement of the participant’s successful completion of the training, and
  • acknowledgement of the participants’ receipt of a printed copy of the current standard.

These records must be maintained and available to the auditor. The auditor will verify that there are records for all applicable personnel that meet the requirements above. The auditor will not ask questions of people that fall outside the scope of their jobs.

While any record that meets the requirements above can be used for this purpose, the AGSC has created a form specifically for this purpose, and includes it in the audit notification email as a service to its Registered Member Companies.

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