The Luck of the Draw

February 27, 2019

by Penny Ouellette

Since it became a requirement for Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Registered Member Companies to have all their technicians become AGSC Certified Technicians, the process for determining which technicians will be audited has changed. Previously, all auto glass replacement technicians assigned to a location were required to be audited when that location was audited. Now, that number has decreased in most cases.

The auto glass replacement technicians to be audited are now selected using the following process. All technicians who are not AGSC-Certified are audited. In addition, we calculate the `square root of the number of AGSC-Certified technicians, and once we have that number, we use a random number generator to select which AGSC-Certified technicians are audited, along with all non-certified techs.

We still audit the records about and from the non-selected technicians, but do not need to see them install a windshield. Only the selected technicians are audited installing a windshield, and they must each install a separate windshield, though they are allowed to have help setting the windshield.

During the audits, it is not necessary for the auditor to witness the vehicle pre-inspection nor the removal of the old windshield. When practical, the auditor will begin the audit of each technician after this has been accomplished. The auditor does, however, need to see the cleaning and priming of the glass, the cleaning and priming of the pinchweld, the cutting of the old urethane, and everything that comes afterwards for each audited technician.

All work being audited must take place either at the shop’s location or within a 15-minute drive of the location.

All audited locations are encouraged to review the audit notification letter sent by AGSC to be sure that they are properly prepared for the audit and have the appropriate records and people available, and the latest instructions from their Adhesive System Manufacturer. 

 Questions can be emailed to me at or faxed to me at 303/456-6681.

Penny Ouellette is the accreditation and program director for Orion Registrar Inc.

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