The Importance of Records

July 9, 2011

The AGRSS® Standard does not attempt to identify all the records an auto glass replacement business should keep. It does, however, identify several kinds of records which must be available to validators to prove that a location is meeting the records requirements in the AGRSS® Standard.

Validators look at records in two ways during a validation. First, they witness the creation of records as each technician at a location completes a windshield installation. Secondly, they look at a sample of records from windshield installations that took place in the past. While the appearance of the records will vary from company to company, the validators look for particular key information named in the standard.

These include: adhesive system component lot numbers, windshield DOT numbers, windshield part numbers, technician training records, and any records required by the specific adhesive system manufacturer.

Validators may review records beginning at the location’s AGRSS Registration date or three years prior to the validation date, whichever is shorter. An item of noncompliance will be documented if there is a trend toward incomplete records during this timeframe. If a noncompliance is noted for missing records, a location would need to provide evidence to the AGRSS® Council Inc. that it has taken action to ensure that all required records are kept in the future. If a location already knows that it has not maintained its records for the required amount of time, its best step forward is to ensure that all required records are kept, beginning as soon as possible.

In addition to demonstrating that a location is in compliance with the Standard, records also are of critical business  importance. According to Bob Beranek, AGRSS® standards committee chair,“Record-keeping is important for two main reasons. One is to protect the consumer through product tracking for recall or performance purposes and the other is for liability protection for the shop. You can’t prove innocence without evidence and record-keeping gives you that evidence. Otherwise, it’s your word against theirs.”

While the primary purpose of the Standard is to ensure proper windshield replacements, this is one instance where the Standard also protects the glass shop and its employees. “You can’t prove your innocence without records,” says Beranek.

Validation to the AGRSS® Standard provides you with the ability to prove that your location is dedicated to the safety of your clients.

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