The Heat of the Moment

August 29, 2018

by Penny Ouellette

While the summer’s heat can certainly take a toll on people, it is important to remember that it can also be harmful to the materials used for auto glass installation. Locations’ storage of these materials is one of the topics covered during an AGRSS™ audit.

The AGRSS™ Standard says “6.2 Products must be stored and controlled according to manufacturers’ requirements as provided directly or through a private labeler.” These required storage conditions may vary by manufacturer, by product, and by the length of time the product is to be stored. It is important for each location to know what is required for these products to remain effective.

In addition, at least one manufacturer has additional installation requirements for mobile windshield installations in hot and humid weather. This type of requirement is also included in AGRSS™ audits, if the weather is hot and humid.

In addition to these weather-specific requirements, there are also materials related requirements that apply at all times.

For example, while auditing section 5.4 of the Standard, regarding following instructions from the retention systems manufacturer, auditors are required to answer, “Do the [auto glass company’s] records demonstrate a pattern that the activator, pinch weld primer and urethane, if applicable, all came from the same Adhesive System Manufacturer?” If not, the auditor must write a noncompliance for the location.

Also, section 8.6 of the Standard says, “Those engaged in automotive glass replacement shall not introduce any chemical agents, such as cleaners, solvents, lubricants, release agents, or utilize any installation practice, which will adversely affect the glass retention system.” The key here is to prevent the use of any material in the bonding area that is not part of the manufacturer’s instructions. Adding additional ingredients can negatively affect the effectiveness of the bond. Locations need to be able to show written instructions from the adhesive system manufacturer that allow the products used by the location.

It is vital to know and follow the requirements for the adhesive system materials you use, so that you can provide your customers with effective products for their job.

Have a safe summer and keep cool out there.

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