Technician Training

AGSC-Registered Training Programs

The Auto Glass Safety Council provides an Auto Glass Safety Council-Registered training program to assist shops in finding courses that are conducted in compliance with the AGRSS Standard. To qualify, training program developers must submit the elements of their training programs to the Auto Glass Safety Council for review and the Auto Glass Safety Council must determine that the programs comply with the AGRSS Standard.

The Auto Glass Safety Council has registered the following training courses as in compliance with the AGRSS Standard:

Company and Regional Training

AGSC now offers the ability for individuals and companies to request training from AGSC. There are two different types of training programs offered: company training and regional training.

Company training is commissioned by an individual or company to take place at a location of their choosing. The training is available in 1, 2 or 3 day blocks of any length up to six hours of training per day. Company training can be commissioned by AGSC Registered Member and Associate Member companies.

Regional training is commissioned by a sponsor. A sponsor may be an individual, company association or other entity.

Click here for more information regarding Company and Regional Training.

Click here for the application to request Company and Regional Training from AGSC.

Click here to view technician training events scheduled so far for this year.

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