Strange but True

January 27, 2017

by Kathy Bimber

I am a big fan of trivia. I love learning those little odd facts that are pretty much useless for anything but repeating to my kids so they can roll their eyes. I am also a big fan of those really interesting, odd, yet totally true stories. Yes, I am a little nerdy I guess.

Like most of you, I receive the™ e-newsletter in my inbox every day. I am always drawn to the “strange but true” stories. Throughout 2016 there were quite a few of those types of stories relating to broken windshields. Here are just a few:

To me these are the odd but strangely interesting stories I like to read, but to you in the auto glass replacement business, these are the stories of your customers. These are the stories that keep you in business. As long as these “strange but true” occurrences keep happening, windshields will need to be replaced. And I didn’t even begin to share the numerous stories of windshields that need to be replaced due to vandalism, falling objects, accidents, weather related issues, etc.

As we begin the New Year, AGSC thanks you for your commitment to safety and replacing windshields correctly, according to the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ 003-2015 Standard. Your customers count on you to do the job right. They might not know all that is riding on a correctly installed windshield but you do. Their lives matter to you.

We wish you a very happy and successful 2017. Keep up the great work!

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