State Legislative Roundup

May 24, 2024

by Seth Maiman
AGSC Director of Public Affairs

Below is a roundup of bills affecting the auto glass industry that have been under consideration in state legislatures in recent months.


AGSC supported auto glass replacement safety legislation was held for further study by the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation. The bills, sponsored by Senator Susan Moran and Rep. Josh Cutler would direct the state registrar of motor vehicles to establish standards for aftermarket auto glass replacement that would “meet or exceed the standards or requirements of the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard, developed by the Auto Glass Safety Council.”  The legislation defines “aftermarket safety glass replacement” as motor vehicle safety glass replacement services that occur after the original installation by a vehicle manufacturer.

Text of the bill, S. 2776, (identical to H. 3275) can be found HERE.


A Mississippi Senate bill that would have limited the amount that insurers had to pay for auto glass repairs died in committee. The bill would have allowed the most an insurer can be required to pay for repair or replacement of vehicle glass to be the “prevailing market amount” within a reasonable geographical or trade area of the insured. It would also have required that services be performed pursuant to OEM repair procedures with OEM parts. Additionally, the bill would have prohibited insurers from soliciting referral fees in exchange for referral to glass facilities and prohibited insurers from suggesting to the insured that it must use a specific glass services facility.

Text of the bill, S 2745, considered by the Senate Insurance Committee, can be located HERE.


A bill, called “The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Repair Consumer Protection Act,” has been introduced in the Oklahoma Senate.

The bill, under consideration in the Senate Committee on Retirement and Insurance, defines a “Motor vehicle repair facility” or “garage” as any commercial entity engaged in the business or occupation of performing repairs on a motor vehicle, including any repairs or replacement of body parts, and any mechanical repairs. The bill is silent on whether auto glass services are included in this definition. While many states do not include auto glass shops within the definition of an auto repair shop, explicitly or implicitly, it is possible that auto glass shops would be included within this definition.

The bill’s requirements on shops include written consent from the consumer, a written estimate of the work to be performed provided by the repair facility, and details of the communication between the shop and the consumer.

Text of the bill can be found HERE.


A Rhode Island bill died in committee that would have made it an “unfair claims practice” for an insurance company to refuse their claimant’s direction to directly pay the auto restoration company of their choice. Insurance companies could still challenge the services that were provided and whether they are covered by the insurance policy.

Text of the bill, H 7507, considered by the House Corporations Committee, can be found HERE.

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