Colorado Senate and House Vote to Concur on Warranty Bill

May 8, 2018

The Colorado House and Senate recently voted to concur on a bill designed to “require motor vehicle manufacturers to fulfill warranty obligations.”

“A manufacturer must compensate each of its motor vehicle dealers in accordance with a set of standards designed to reflect the current market rate for labor and the profit margin on parts the dealer can expect to obtain,” reads a summary of the bill from the Colorado legislature. “Dealers must submit certain repair orders to the manufacturer as required by the bill to establish compensation rates.”

The bill, SB18-219, is co-sponsored by Sen. Jack Tate and Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp. It was introduced on March 26 and assigned to the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee. The Senate voted to pass the bill on April 25. The House voted to pass the bill with amendments on May 3, and the Senate voted to concur on May 3.

Click here
 for full text of bill.

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