Selected for Validation

February 15, 2022

When a location has been selected for validation, they are contacted by the AGSC approximately 70 days prior to their validation.  At this time, they are sent information about the validation, including notice that they must have a windshield installation for every person at the location who ever installs windshields, and also a request that the installations be either at the location’s own address or within a 15 minute drive of the location.

Some locations express concern when they do not have enough jobs scheduled on the validation day.  This does not need to be a problem; many locations have been successfully validated as scheduled by using one of the methods listed below:

  • Running a special promotion on the validation day to bring in additional customers.
  • Installing a new windshield on a company or employee vehicle.
  • Removing and reinstalling the same windshield in a company or employee vehicle.  As you know, this option has risks associated with it.  There may be unexpected problems with the glass that prevent the reinstallation from being completed.

For either of the options involving a company or employee vehicle, the job must be completed just as it would be for a client.  This includes safe drive away time notification, completing all required records, and so forth.

Likewise, some locations have explored options that are not acceptable.  I share these with you to avoid repeats of these misunderstandings.

Unacceptable options have included:

  • Installation in a vehicle that does not meet the following scope of the AGRSS standard: “Passenger vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less, licensed  for highway use and which do not fall into the classification of “Classic” or “Antique” that is being restored to original OEM specification.”
  • Installation in a vehicle in which a windshield cannot be safely installed, such as one with extensive damage or rust in the pinchweld area.
  • Installation of a backglass or other window instead of a windshield.
  • Use of materials (such as a broken windshield) that fail to meet requirements of standard.
  • Planning to have technicians “share” one installation.

As always, if you have any questions about your validation, you are welcome to contact the AGSC or myself.  I can be reached at  I am pleased to work with the AGSC, and to be a part of the AGSC’s process to improve safety for America’s drivers.

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