Rhode Island Updates State Auto Glass Business Regulations; References AGSC

March 28, 2017

The state of Rhode Island recently revised the portion of its business regulations for those engaged in motor vehicle glass repair (section 161-RICR-300-5-3). The Rhode Island regulation references the AGRSS™ Standard and the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) in numerous points.

The latest update to the document, which took effect on January 25, “added a cross reference to the definition of ‘technician’ in Section 3.3(b)(17) to clarify that ‘technician’ as used in this regulation is limited to a person that performs motor vehicle glass repair or replacement at [a] licensed shop.”

Additionally, “In Section 3.8(C), the Department of Business Regulations (DBR) edited the language due to an ambiguity pointed out by commentary and has clarified that technician certifications need to be updated every three (3) years, or as required by the course provider, to stay current with industry safety standards and changes in technology,” writes the DBR.

In the section related to technician certification, the DBR requires that:

Upon submission of a new or renewal application for a License, each Applicant must certify under the penalty of perjury to the Department that all Technicians, as defined in Section 3.3(B)(17) above, in its employ are certified (by means of the successful completion of trainings, coursework and/or tests) in the following areas:

  1. Motor vehicle glass repair and replacement;
  2. AGSC Technician Certification or equivalent; and
  3. Adhesives.”

The DBR goes on to note that “all Licensees must maintain evidence of compliance with section 8(A) for each technician in its employ.”

“Such documentation must include the technician’s transcript and related documentation, and must be readily available,” reads the regulation. “All technician certifications must be maintained and current throughout the term of the license. Upon receipt of a written demand from the department or during an on-site examination, the licensee must be able to provide such documentation within three (3) business days of the request.”

The DBR also requires that licensees ensure that their technicians renew and update certifications every three years or as required by AGSC or equivalent provider to stay current with industry safety standards and changes in technology.

The DBR goes on to require that “licensees shall implement safety standards for motor vehicle glass repair and replacement that are consistent with: the original equipment manufacturer instructions and directions; the current Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (“AGRSS”); and the current Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (“ROLAGS”).”

The DBR notes that “the purpose of this regulation is to establish standards and procedures for the issuance of licenses for motor vehicle glass repair and replacement, and to generally assist the department in carrying out the administration and enforcement of the terms and provisions of the act so that the public interest may be effectively served.”

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