Rhode Island Calibration Bill Moves to House

June 17, 2019

A Rhode Island bill that would “require that the owner of a vehicle be notified in writing or by electronic mail that installation of an aftermarket glass may require re-calibration of safety related systems, or vehicle may not function as designed” has passed the state’s Senate and moved to the House.

The bill, S 850, notes that “it shall not apply to the repair or replacement of motor vehicle glass performed by licensed motor vehicle glass repair shops for non-collision related damage pursuant to chapter 38.5 of title 5.”

On June 11, the committee proposed passage of a substituted version of the bill that now includes the following text:

The owner of the vehicle must be notified in writing or by electronic mail, when installation of replacement glass is due to non-collision related damage, in twelve (12) point bold font, as follows:

“Replacement of glass on your vehicle may require recalibration of advanced driver assistance systems, and other safety related systems. If these systems are not recalibrated, your vehicle may not function as designed.”

The bill was introduced in the Rhode Island Senate on May 1 and referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee met on May 7 and recommended that the “measure be held for further study.” The Senate voted to pass the substituted version of the bill on June 13 and it was referred to the House Corporations Committee on June 14.

Click here for the full text of the substituted version of S 850.

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