Audit Program for Registered Member Companies

The Auto Glass Safety Council (formerly the AGRSS Council) third-party audit program provides AGSC Registered Member Companies the means to validate their compliance to the current AGRSS Standard through independent third-party assessment. This essential process both permits and encourages AGSC Registered Member Companies to differentiate themselves from those auto glass installation companies claiming compliance with the AGRSS Standard but who fail to undertake the installation procedures or use the proper products that, in turn, create conditions for unsafe auto glass replacements. AGSC Company Registration and use of the third-party validation of compliance is the benchmark of competence for those rendering auto glass replacement services.

Common Questions and Answers About the Audit

Q: What exactly is the AGSC audit?
A: The AGSC audit is required to be a an AGSC Registered Member Company. In the past, auto glass installation providers that wished to take part in the AGSC Registered Member Company program were required to agree in writing to comply with the AGRSS™ Standard. They were also required to successfully complete a self-assessment. Now, all AGSC Registered Member Companies are required to undergo periodic onsite audits on a regular basis.

Q: Are you saying that someone is going to come to my shop to see if we are complying with the AGRSS™ Standard?
A: That’s exactly what the AGSC is saying.

Q: Why does the AGSC have an onsite audit?
A: The AGSC believes that AGSC Registered Member Companies represent the best and most safety-conscious auto glass installation providers in North America. The audit by an independent third-party audit company provides those registered members with additional value. It shows the company’s compliance has been verified. This equates to proven differentiation.

Q: How often will my company undergo an audit?
A: At least once during the specified time frame, unless AGSC has reason to believe that the AGRSS Standard is not being followed by a particular company. In that case, it might order a supplemental audit. Registered Member Companies do have the option of requesting interim AGSC audits as well with one exception. Your company will be audited once during the first three years of registration and then periodically thereafter.

Q: Suppose I don’t want to undergo an audit. Can my company be an AGSC Registered Member Company?
A: No. Participation is mandatory for all AGSC Registered Member Companies.

Q: Suppose I only want some of my locations in the program. Can I sign up some and not others?
A: No, the AGSC registration belongs to the company as a whole and not individual locations; as such, all locations must be included.

Q: How will I know when an audit is going to take place?
A: You will receive a notice via email and postal mail approximately 60 days before the audit is to take place.

Q: What if I am not available that day?
A: Then an alternative day may be approved in consultation with the auditor. If the audit is not initiated by the amended date, a company can no longer be an AGSC Registered Member Company.

Q: If our company resigns or does not undergo the audit, can it rejoin later?
A: Yes, if certain conditions are met. Any company that resigns its membership after they have been notified of an audit but before the audit takes place OR refuses to be audited OR fails to resolve any non-compliance(s) identified during the audit must undergo a custom audit BEFORE they will be allowed to rejoin. The cost of this custom audit is added to that company’s membership dues. The company will also be listed, for a period of 18 months, on and as forfeiting its AGSC Registration.

Q: How long will the audit process take?
A: The length of time the auditor is expected to be on shop site depends on the size of the company and the number of technicians selected for audit. It is anticipated to be less than a half day for most locations.

Q: When do I find out the results?
A: The auditor will review the results of his or her findings with you onsite. Your company will be deemed either compliant or non-compliant.

Q: Who sees the results of my audit?
A: Only the owner or his designee, the auditor, the AGSC director of operations and, if there is a dispute, the AGSC Board of Directors have access to the results. All such information is completely confidential.

Q: How will I be graded?
A: Graded is probably not the best word to use, as it implies that a number or letter grade will be assigned to your company. In fact, there will be only two distinctions, “AGSC-compliant” and “non-compliant.” A complete checklist of what the audit entails is available here. The AGSC wants the process to be as transparent as possible.

Q: What if the auditor says my company is non-compliant?
A: Then you will have a certain time limit, usually about six weeks, to correct any deficiencies before the auditor returns to check that the issue has been corrected. Make the corrections by the designated date and your company will be deemed compliant. Absent such corrections, your company must cease using the AGSC Registered Member Company designation.

Q: Suppose I think the auditor was wrong in its ruling.
A: You have the right to appeal to the AGSC Audit Review Board. You must appeal within a certain number of days of receipt of the audit’s findings. A separate form for such an appeal will be provided to you at your request.

Q: How much will the audit cost?
A: One regularly scheduled audit and a re-visit six weeks later if necessary is included in your registration fee.

Q: I have heard about a company across town that is an AGSC Registered Member Company but is not following the AGRSS Standard. Does the audit process help this situation?
A: Absolutely. You can see the real power in the audit process, as companies that don’t “practice what they preach” will be unable to be AGSC Registered Member Companies. There is also a non-compliance complaint procedure if you come across work done by a company that is not in accordance with the AGRSS Standard.

Q: Are insurance companies going to require AGSC registration in order for shops to do work for them?
A: The AGSC has no way of knowing this, but we would expect insurance companies, consumers, fleet owners and others would want to reach the highest level of safety assurance possible and take advantage of the peace of mind that will come with using an AGSC Registered Member Company.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Contact us at

Important Audit Documents: