Precision and Personality: Bradley Aydelott Snags Silver Medal at Auto Glass Week

February 6, 2024

Bradley Aydelott displays his silver medal at Auto Glass Week™ 2023.

Bradley Aydelott, the 2023 Windshield Repair Olympics (WRO) silver medalist, is all about the human element. He earned his medal at Auto Glass Week™ (AGW) 2023, which took place Sept. 20-22 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Aydelott is an Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) certified repair technician, as well as the owner of Glass Monkey Chip Repair in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He first competed at AGW in 2022, though he had eight years of experience with windshield repair work under his belt.

He and his competitors had very little margin of talent between them, according to Aydelott, who believes his personality helped set him apart.

“The way that I can communicate with my proctor maybe helps set more of a positive, light tone,” he says. “And I like to think of myself being able to throw off nerves a little bit easier, maybe, than the next person.”

In his day-to-day job, Aydelott also enjoys putting customers at ease with both his repair technician skills and great customer service. He explains that sometimes customers have had bad experiences previously with technicians who didn’t put in much effort or skill. While those customers may expect the same disappointing results, he enjoys surprising them with the opposite.

“Whenever my customer says ‘Wow,’ or ‘Holy cow,’ or something like that, I love it,” Aydelott says. “If I can get a superlative out of the customer, that’s my goal.” AGSC certification, he adds, helps him achieve that.

Aydelott says the AGSC provides the information, best practices and standards he and other auto glass technicians need to excel and keep their customers safe.

“The AGSC, they’ve done so much for the industry,” says Aydelott. “And I hope that they just continue to do what they do.”

Now that he’s won his silver medal, Aydelott talks about it with “anyone who will listen.” He enjoys “hanging out” with his clients at his shop, and when he gets the chance, he shows them pictures from the competition and tells them about his medal. Though he enjoys being able to brag slightly, these conversations with clients serve another purpose.

“It strokes the ego a little bit, but it also helps to show them that there are technicians out there that really pursue excellence, and I’m one of them,” Aydelott says. “And if all the recognition I get is just being in pursuit of excellence, I’ll take it.”

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