Pennsylvania bill seeks to amend the state’s existing service contract statute

November 5, 2020

Pennsylvania legislation that would include auto glass replacement and repair within the definition of a service contract was recently amended in the Pennsylvania Senate and continues to be considered by the legislature. The Pennsylvania General Assembly is a state legislature that meets continuously throughout the two-year term of the elected legislators and the 2019-2020 legislative session will conclude on November 30, 2020.

Senate bill 1229 will amend the state’s existing service contract statute by clarifying that the following services fall within the scope of the current statutory definition of “service contract”:

  1. Repair or replacement of tires or wheels damaged by road hazards;
  2. Removal of dents or creases repairable by paintless dent removal;
  3. The repair or replacement of motor vehicle windshields as a result of damage caused by road hazards;
  4. Replacement of motor vehicle key-fob if it becomes inoperable or is lost or stolen; and
  5. Excess wear and use coverage on a leased vehicle.

Senate proponents argue that 30 states have adopted legislation that includes one or more of these five products into their Service Contract definitions.

For updated bill language, as amended on October 21, CLICK HERE.

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