North Carolina Legislature Considers Raising Vehicle Inspection Fee

March 7, 2019

A bill is under review in the North Carolina legislature that aims to “raise the vehicle safety inspection fee.”

The bill, HB 123, notes, “The fee for performing an inspection of a vehicle applies when an inspection is performed, regardless of whether the vehicle passes the inspection. The fee for an electronic inspection authorization applies when an electronic inspection authorization is issued to a vehicle. The fee for inspecting after-factory tinted windows shall be ten dollars ($10.00), and the fee applies only to an inspection performed with a light meter after a safety inspection mechanic determined that the window had after-factory tint. A safety inspection mechanic shall not inspect an after-factory tinted window of a vehicle for which the Division has issued a medical exception permit pursuant 18 to G.S. 20-127(f).”

The bill was introduced on February 19 and referred to the House Committee on Transportation.

Click here for the full text of HB 123.

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