New AGSC Logos Available

October 17, 2013

news_logo_agsc-registered-companyThe Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) now has new Registered-Company, member and Certified Technician logos to coincide with its new name. With these, the Council also has instated a new logo usage policy for Registered Companies to follow.

The policy, available online here, specifies that only Registered Companies in good standing may use the Registered Company Mark, and, immediately upon termination of Registration, this right ceases.

In addition, the Council specifies that the logo and any references to it or a company’s registered status “shall not be used in any manner or in any media in such a way that the integrity of the ANSI/AGRSS® Standard could be compromised.”

The logo also cannot be used in a misleading way, and, on occasion, the Council will review Registered Companies’ marketing materials for proper usage of the mark and references to Registration.

The logo can be used on apparel worn by Registered Companies’ employees, but, if an employee leaves the Registered Company and goes to work for a non-Registered Company, he will cease using the mark, according to the new policy.

In order to use any of the logos, a company must not only meet the terms of the logo useage policy, but also must agree to abide by the policy on a signed form, provided by the AGSC.

To obtain a logo for use and to receive the appropriate form for signature, please email

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