New AGSC Certification Programs in Development for Customer Service and ADAS

May 1, 2024

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is developing two new certification programs. The programs are a customer service representative (CSR) certification program and an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) auto glass technician certification program.

The AGSC Education Committee began the process at their January 23, 2024 meeting. Jeff Olive, an AGSC Education Committee member as well as AGSC’s director of quality and training, says CSR certification is important because CSRs need to be able to give customers accurate information.

“One of the reasons that CSR certification becomes so important in this day and age is because of the identification of what needs to be done on the vehicle,” Olive says.

If a CSR is well-trained in auto glass repair and replacement, they’ll be able to identify the problem as they talk to customers and give them a more accurate estimate of what needs to be done.

Olive also says that because speaking with CSRs is often the first impression customers have of a business, it is important to ensure CSRs are the best they can be.

“As far as the CSR goes, that’s our frontline person,” Olive says. “They are at the forefront of your auto glass organization. They are the first person to deal with customers, and I think that sets the benchmark for the service the customer feels like they’re going to receive.”

AGSC board member Jacques Navant agrees that CSRs are an integral part of an auto glass shop.

“CSRs are hands down one of the most important components of what we do,” he says.

Navant also says that there is what he terms a “knowledge gap” between larger companies that have the time and resources to train CSRs in auto glass knowledge and smaller companies that don’t.

“One of the advantages to membership with the AGSC is having programs like this available to you,” Navant says. “Our goal is to try and close that information gap.”

The ADAS Committee, which Navant chairs, is developing an ADAS auto glass technician certification test, and they will submit the test to the AGSC Education Committee for approval. The goal for this certification program is to provide technicians with training on the basics of ADAS calibration systems and the language surrounding them so they can serve their customers better and keep them safe.

“It’s something we need to raise awareness about because it’s something that’s changing our industry at a very rapid pace,” Navant says. “So now is the time to jump onboard and educate yourself, educate your team and move into the future with that knowledge to do what we need to do, and do it right and do it safe.”

AGSC hopes to debut both programs this year.

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