Most Common Validation Noncompliances

July 28, 2015

We recently conducted an analysis of the last four years of data from the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) third-party validation reviews and have identified the most common validation noncompliances. These areas may also be opportunities for improvement for your own organization. The list begins with the most common noncompliances:

  1. Technician not available to be validated;
  2. Missing DOT or part number records;
  3. Primer not shaken as required;
  4. Vehicle not available for validations; and
  5. Missing technician training records.

While missing DOT and/or part number records and unavailable vehicles noncompliances have remained fairly steady of the last four years, the other three types of noncompliances are all being found less frequently as time passes.

There are six additional noncompliance categories that have been found more than once over the last three years. In order of most common occurrence, these are:

  • Primer dry time is too short;
  • Not adhering to ASM instructions for primer;
  • Not keeping traceability records;
  • Use of expired products;
  • Not adhering to ASM instructions prohibiting a round urethane bead; and
  • Not adhering to ASM instructions for activator.

For locations wishing to review their own compliance, the documents used by validators are shown below. The documents are available from the AGSC website at These documents include:

  • AGRSS Standard™ Compliance Checklist; and
  • Retention System Provider Training Instructions and Documentation Worksheet (also known as the Worksheet or ASM Matrix). Each ASM has filled out his own version of this worksheet.

The AGSC’s goal is to help all locations become compliant to the current ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard. During a validation, any location that is found to be noncompliant in one or more areas is allowed time to make corrections and to demonstrate that the problem has been corrected.

The AGSC is sharing these opportunities for improvement with all AGSC Registered Member Companies as part of its strategy for improvement of all locations. Ideally, all locations will review this information and consider whether improvement can be made within their own organizations. Orion Registrar is proud to assist the AGSC in improving the safety of America’s driving public.

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