Mississippi Senate Passes Bill Restoring a Provision Scheduled to be Repealed on July 1

June 19, 2020

A bill that has implications for doing business in the state of Mississippi is under review and we thought you would want to be aware of it.

The Mississippi Legislature has passed legislation that would restore a provision of insurance law, scheduled to be repealed on July 1, requiring an insurer paying a claim to include the repairer or the lien holder on the check. The bill is now eligible for signature by the Governor.

The Mississippi bill, S 2301, had passed the Mississippi Senate and then was cleared by the Mississippi House at the end of May.  It is similar to a previous House passed bill, H 691, that had originally called for delaying the repeal of the insurance provision to 2023, rather than immediately restoring it.

Text of S 2301, as sent to the Governor, is available HERE.

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