Master Technician Spotlight: Steve Oakley, Optimum Automotive Services, Willow Springs, NC

August 25, 2022

Steve Oakley of Optimum Automotive Services of Willow Springs, North Carolina recently earned his AGSC Master Auto Glass Technician certification.

Oakley has worked in the auto glass industry for about seven years. He started Optimum Automotive Services in July 2021 and the company offers auto glass repair and replacement, ADAS calibration and window tinting. Oakley considers his company to be the “working man’s glass company because he does his best to keep the overhead low in order to keep the prices low and his company performs installations and calibrations every day.”

The company was founded on five simple principles: 1) Be honest with yourself and everyone else; 2) Keep an open mind in everything you do; 3) Be willing to learn and perfect your craft daily; 4) Always, no matter what, do your best; and 5) Do not be lazy – better to fail trying than not try at all.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and playing with his kids.

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