Master Technician Spotlight: Keith Tracy, Southeastern Glass Co., Byesville, Ohio

February 14, 2022

Keith Tracy of Southeastern Glass Co. in Byesville, Ohio recently earned his AGSC Master Auto Glass Technician certification.

Tracy has been in the auto glass industry since July 2018 when he started working with Southeastern Glass Co.

As to why he became an AGSC Master Auto Glass Technician, Tracy stated that “As the third generation in the auto glass industry, I have quite the legacy to follow. I try to live up to the expectations put to me by my father and grandfather to always continue learning while striving to be the best. Being a master technician is the culmination of the lessons those two taught me.” Tracy’s father became a master technician in the early ‘90s and has been in the auto glass business since 1986. In the summers, Tracy would spend his time on the road with his father.

In his free time Tracy enjoys cooking, grilling and spending time with his wife Amanda, son Quinn and daughter Lennex.

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