Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Service Contracts Bill Under Review

July 10, 2018

A Massachusetts bill that adds several definitions to the portion of the law related to motor vehicle service contracts is under review in the state.

The bill, H190, was introduced in January 2017 and referred to the committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. The Senate concurred in January 2017 as well.

On July 2, 2018, the bill accompanied a study order as part of H4638, which was introduced on July 2 and is sponsored by the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. H4638 is under the review of the committee on House Rules.

The text of H4638 suggests that “the committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure be authorized to sit during a recess of the General Court to make an investigation and study of House documents,” including H190.

Click here for the full text of H190.

Click here for the full text of H4638.

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