Maryland Updates State’s Safety Glass Replacement Standards

March 7, 2024

by Seth Maiman
AGSC Director of Public Affairs

Maryland has adopted some changes to its Safety Glass Replacement Standards to incorporate the 2022 revision to the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard to its state regulations.

The Maryland Safety Glass Replacement Standard mirrors the AGRSS Standard and is the result of an AGSC supported 2021 state law that required the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to adopt regulations that “meet or exceed the standards and requirements of the American National Standards Institute/Auto Glass Safety Council/Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard.” The original state regulations became effective on March 7, 2022.

Later in 2022 the AGRSS Standard was revised and AGSC contacted the appropriate MVA officials and informed them of the changes. The MVA then began a process to incorporate the AGRSS Standard changes into their standard.

In doing so the MVA also added a sentence to conform the state regulations to a 2023 Maryland state law regarding calibration that requires technicians to provide the customer with a written statement that calibration work to be performed “will meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer specifications”.

The state’s updated regulations became effective in October 2023.  The full regulations can be found HERE.

AGSC was pleased to work with the State of Maryland on this important legislation and resulting regulations.

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