Maryland Bill Would Create Auto Glass Safety Standards

January 27, 2021

Legislation has been introduced in the Maryland House of Delegates that would require the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to adopt auto glass replacement safety standards.  The Auto Glass Safety Council is in strong support of this first of its kind state legislation.

The legislation directs the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to “adopt regulations establishing standards and requirements for aftermarket safety glass replacement that meet or exceed the standards and requirements under the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard established by the Auto Glass Safety Council”.

In a press release announcing support of the bill, Debra Levy, AGSC President said “The Auto Glass Safety Council salutes the State of Maryland for being the first to begin the process of codifying auto glass replacement safety standards into state law.  This is an important step forward in protecting automobile occupants by ensuring that auto service providers replacing perform the ever-increasing complex computer driven auto glass replacement processes in a safe and professional manner”.

The bill, HB 519 has been assigned to the House Environment and Transportation Committee.  For the text of the bill, CLICK HERE.

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