Marketing to Millennials: Social Media Expert to Speak at Auto Glass Week™

August 20, 2015

Amber Joy Fiedler

This year’s Auto Glass Week™ will feature a number of experts hand-picked to speak on areas to help increase your knowledge and provide an unsurpassed experience for all in attendance.

Among these is Amber Joy Fiedler, an account executive at Warner Communications who specializes in social media and creative thinking. Fiedler implements well-developed public relation campaigns and social media strategy for companies and nonprofits of all sizes on a daily basis. As a representative of the millennial generation, Fiedler periodically teaches classes on social media in the Boston area and holds an MS from Northeastern University in Corporate and Organizational Communications with a concentration in social media.

She will speak on Thursday, October 1, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., at a session titled “Marketing to Millennials.”

Born between the years 1977–2000 and more than 80 million strong, millennials today represent the largest market segment in the world. Characterized as tech-savvy and educated, they view the world differently from earlier generations—having grown up as digital natives in an uncertain and turbulent economy. These factors and more make marketing to them a unique challenge and opportunity. Learn fresh approaches to engage and influence millennials and their buying habits.

In addition to Fiedler’s session, Brian Offenberger, one of America’s leading marketing and sales keynote speakers, will lead a session titled “How to Improve Your Marketing Results in Just 25 Minutes a Day.” He will provide a proven, consistent workflow you can follow every week to sell more; information about how long to spend on each task, and how to find out what’s working; helpful tools that speed up your marketing work week; and information about how to know where you should spend marketing time and money.

Educational seminars are tentative and subject to change. To view full descriptions and further details, click here.

Register today to take part in the full educational offerings. Pre-registration discounts end September 8.

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