Marketing Committee Hard at Work

October 21, 2013
Nik Frye

Nik Frye

The Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) marketing committee has been hard at work the last several months, as it develops a new consumer-oriented brochure, along with a marketing checklist for AGSC-Registered shops to use.

“With the name change we needed to update these pieces anyway so we started with the ‘Safety Signs’ brochure last summer and that project expanded in to a review of the remaining brochures,” says marketing chair Nik Frye.

At that time, the committee decided to consolidate the used glass, corrosion and safe drive-away time brochures into a single, easy-to-read document, according to Frye.

“This will provide one marketing tool that members can use to communicate these critical topics to customers in a simple, two-sided brochure,” he says. “In addition we have updated the validation brochure and are also creating a script members can use to help them easily explain the benefits of the AGSC registration to their customers. We are finalizing these documents now and once approved by the Board we look forward to making them available to members as soon as possible.”

The marketing committee also recently gained a new member, Jon Fransway, a Minnesota-based insurance agent who learned the importance of proper windshield installations first-hand when he lost his sister, Jeanne, in an accident in 1999.

“We are always looking for new ideas and better ways to promote the AGSC mission and there is no one better at that than Jon Fransway,” says Frye. “In addition to being a Carl Tompkins Award recipient for the great work he has done for our cause, Jon has always been ready to help us in the past with projects ranging from the validation video we produced in 2010, supporting consumer awareness programs, appearing on investigative news reports around the country and providing input on other projects. When I asked Jon to join the committee he readily accepted and his participation is already making a difference. We greatly appreciate Jon’s commitment to safety and everyone on the committee looks forward to working with Jon.”

Looking ahead, Frye has high hopes for the committee’s work.

“The AGSC continues to find new ways to spread our message to consumers and the insurance and fleet industries,” says Frye. “The member script we are developing is a tool members can use to explain to their customers why using an AGSC-Registered company is important to their safety. By making sure every customer learns about the AGSC mission we help spread our message and help promote our cause.”

Social media also is among the areas the group hopes to increase its work in this year.

“We also continue to look at increased utilization of social media to spread our message and will put more effort into that in 2013,” says Frye. “We are always open to any ideas our members have on ways to better promote our organization and encourage them to share any ideas they have with the committee.”

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