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June 18, 2014

newsCommittee20140623The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) includes a number of committees that work on its numerous programs, the development of the Standard itself and more. Industry representatives who wish to become more involved are encouraged and welcome to join in the AGSC’s work.

AGSC president Debra Levy recently offered some insight for those curious about what is involved in committee participation.

“Committee memberships require a lot of brain power, some work and a bit of a time commitment,” says Levy. “All committees meet in person twice a year—at Auto Glass Week in the fall (this year in Baltimore in October) and usually in February, alternating east and west. Next year will be west.”

In addition, Levy says that most committees also have telephone conferences during the year as determined by the chairperson.

“We are always looking for new volunteers and new ideas,” says Levy. “We welcome industry participation from representatives throughout the industry.”

Committee options include the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard™ (AGRSS) Standards Committee, which is chaired by Bob Beranek, president of Automotive Glass Consultants in Sun Prairie, Wis. The Standards Committee continually reviews and updates the AGRSS Standard and meets in person twice a year only.

The Marketing Committee, chaired by Troy Mason, owner of Techna Glass Inc. in Salt Lake City, helps members market their AGSC affiliation and markets AGSC to other groups such as consumers and insurers. The committee meets monthly via phone except during the two months it meets in person—at Auto Glass Week and at the February mid-year meeting.

Jeff Olive, training manager for Glasspro in Charleston, S.C., chairs the Education Committee. The Education Committee oversees the technician certification program, its testing and the recently introduced continuing education program.

“Most Education Committee work is task-oriented via email with the two in-person meetings as above,” says Levy.

Finally, the Credentialing Committee is chaired by Jean Pero, sales manager for Mygrant Glass. The Credentialing Committee oversees the AGSC Registered Member company program and third-party validation audits. It meets twice yearly, and specific tasks are assigned via phone meetings as well.

Those interested in joining a committee may learn more by contacting the AGSC at info@agsc.org.

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