ISO Publishes New Auto Glass Standard

February 24, 2016

ISO_formatThe International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a new standard related to security glass used in vehicles. The standard, titled “Road vehicles — Determination of resistance to forced entry of security glass constructions used in vehicle glazing — Test of glazing systems,” was published on January 15, 2016.

“This International Standard provides test procedures that are designed to assess levels of resistance to forced entry provided by security glazing used in vehicles,” reads the scope of the standard. “Security glazing to be tested shall provide a certain (higher) level of protection against vehicle intrusion than standard safety glazing … This International Standard’s goal is to quantify how much resistance can be provided by particular system parts (security glazing with associated part of the car body) against rapid unauthorized entry into vehicles.”

The standard details test methods for testing the resistance of the glazing to a variety of types of attacks. It notes that three glazing samples shall be tested for each test position and level of attack resistance.

“This International Standard is intended to classify the intrusion resistance of system parts components in levels of attack resistance. Five levels of intrusion resistance are defined … varying from short-term protection against ‘smash-and-grab’ attacks to protection against attacks using high levels of energy over an extended period,” reads the standard.

AGSC members who are interested in obtaining the standard can do so by clicking here.


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