Hot-Weather Installations: Why Following Directions is Crucial

August 23, 2016

HotWeather_formatThe outside temperature plays a role in all outdoor installations, so it is especially important for technicians to consider the temperature during extreme seasons, such as summer and winter.

“ … I have researched this issue and found that there are different consequences for applying adhesives beyond their temperature limits,” says industry expert Bob Beranek, who chairs the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) AGRSS™ Standards Committee. “They can include bonding deficiencies, application problems and storage concerns.”

He notes that the most important of these consequences is whether the adhesive achieves a proper bond.

“If the sealant does not bond properly, the result could be injury or death caused by improper glass performance in a crash,” says Beranek.

But there are other concerns as well, he notes.

“If the adhesive loses its viscosity or the adhesive pre-maturely cures, waste is the obvious result,” says Beranek. “If the adhesive loses its thickness due to higher than normal temperatures, it can drip onto the customer’s interior causing vehicle damage. Under extreme heat conditions, the weight of the glass can flatten the windshield to the pinchweld’s metal and cause a stress fracture. Lastly, if sealants are stored improperly, the product cannot be expected to perform as promised.”

All of these consequences are why it is crucial that technicians heed their adhesive manufacturers’ instructions for the adhesive they are using in extreme temperatures.

“The moral of the story and the research we conducted says one thing, temperature matters and caution must be exercised to ensure proper performance of your adhesive products,” says Beranek. “Check your adhesive’s technical data and installation instructions for temperature limitations. If for some reason the data is missing or not clear, check with your adhesive rep. If the rep is unsure, check with the adhesive company’s technical expert for clarity. This is important. It is not enough to go through the procedures perfectly if you don’t know your products limitations. Do it right every time and think before you proceed.”

AGSC Registered Member Companies have agreed to comply with the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard, which addresses proper procedures, education and product performance. Companies that register with the AGSC agree to undergo random, on-site third-party audits at least once every four years. The ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard specifies that technicians should always ensure they are installing windshields in accordance with their adhesive manufacturers’ instructions.

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