Harmonization of Registration and Certification Programs Continues

June 4, 2018

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is working toward harmonization of its Registered Member Company program and its Certified Auto Glass Technician program.

“It’s a logical progression for an organization that began by accrediting companies, and four years ago expanded into a technician certification program,” says AGSC director of operations Kathy Bimber.

Currently, a company can be an AGSC Registered Member Company, but employing AGSC-certified technicians is not required. Conversely, a company could have all its technicians AGSC-certified, yet not be an AGSC Registered Member Company. Under harmonization, all Registered Member Companies will be required to have all their technicians certified by AGSC by December 31, 2018. New technicians of Registered Member Companies will be required to be certified within six months of their hire date.

Questions about the combined program and what it means for insurers can be sent to info@agsc.org.

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