Harmonization Countdown: Registration and Certification Programs to Soon Unite

March 28, 2018

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is working toward harmonization of its Registered Member Company program and its Certified Auto Glass Technician program by the end of December 2018.

This means that all technicians working for Registered Member Companies will be required to be certified by AGSC by December 31, 2018. New technicians of Registered Member Companies will be required to be certified within six months of their hire date. If the technician is AGSC Certified when hired, then he/she will be considered certified at your company.

“There will be a number of benefits as AGSC expands its message to say ‘By using an AGSC Registered Member Company you can be assured all technicians are AGSC-certified,’” says AGSC president Debra Levy. “We will also be able to expand our message to fleet, insurance and governmental entities.”

So what happens if your technicians aren’t certified by December 31? “Your company will be removed from AGSC’s list of Registered Member Companies,” says Levy.

What if your company needs an extension, or doesn’t meet the December 15 deadline? “Unfortunately, there won’t be any extensions,” says Levy. “The AGSC board of directors announced its intent to move in this direction at the 2015 Member Meeting, and we expect our members to come into compliance well within the deadline. There are a number of programs and efforts available to help companies achieve this goal by December 31.”

She adds, “Harmonization benefits all of our members, and we are offering a number of options for members to meet this goal somewhat easily.”

Please contact info@agsc.org with questions about the harmonization.

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