Do Your Auto Glass Replacement Techs Have the Correct Instructions?

April 26, 2018

by Penny Ouellette

While all audited Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Registered Member locations know that their technicians need to follow their Adhesive System Manufacturer’s (ASM) instructions, AGSC auditors sometimes do audit registered locations that do not have the current version of the instructions.

Adhesive System Manufacturers occasionally change their instructions. When they do, it is important for locations to have a method for finding out that the instructions have changed and making sure they provide the current version of the instructions to each of their auto glass replacement technicians. The Manufacturers themselves define which revisions are current, and are the source of this information to the auditors, and to the industry.

The AGRSS™ Standard, section 5.4, says, “Those engaged in automotive glass replacement shall obtain and follow written comprehensive and current application instructions from the retention systems manufacturer or private labeler. These instructions shall include at least the proper use of the retention system, storage specifications, minimum drive-away time charts containing temperature and humidity variables if applicable, and any special procedures required for adverse weather conditions.”

In addition, the following audit guidance has been provided by the AGSC to the auditors via the AGRSS Compliance Checklist.  This guidance helps an auditor determine if the location is in compliance with section 5.4 of the AGRSS™ Standard.

  • Does the technician have within his/her possession, or have on-site availability to, a current copy of the retention system manufacturer’s application instructions? It can be located at the shop or on a website, provided it can be obtained when required. Note that the validator will have in his possession a copy of current ASM written instructions and Retention System Provider Training Instructions and Documentation Worksheet (ASM MATRIX) for comparison.
  • Proof of training on current ASM requirements does NOT meet the requirement to “obtain”…  “written comprehensive and current application instructions from the retention systems manufacturer or private labeler.”
  • If the ASM has published written procedures for auto glass installation that are in addition to their training instruction manual and Retention System Provider Training Instructions And Documentation Worksheet (ASM MATRIX), these must also be available.

Please take a moment to determine if:

  • Each of your auto glass replacement technicians has the current ASM instructions for the products you use;
  • Your location has a method to get revised instructions and provide them to your auto glass replacement technicians, when the instructions change;
  • Your location meets the requirements of 5.4 of the AGRSS™ Standard; and
  • Your location meets the guidance shown in the bullet points above.

If so, congratulations on your robust process! If not, it is time to spring into action.

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