Could Your Town be the Location of Our Next Insurers’ Forum?

November 26, 2019

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) plans to hold at least four insurers’ forums in 2020 and currently is looking for regions and locations in which to hold these.

Insurers’ CEU Forums are led by Joel Timmons of Profitable Glass Solutions. Typically, insurance agents who attend these will receive three credit hours for their participation. During the course, Timmons teaches attendees about the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard as well as the AGSC, AGSC Registered Member Companies, and how they work to ensure the safety of policyholders.

Insurers’ CEU Forums are free of charge and are open to all insurance agents, insurance company representatives and representatives of AGSC Registered Member Companies.

“We have offered our Insurers’ CEU Forum and training and certification course across the United States with great success,” says Kathy Bimber, AGSC director of operations. “This is a great opportunity for both insurance agents and technicians alike in these locales to learn without having to travel a great distance from home.”

Past forums have been held in Denver, Colo.; Long Island, N.Y.; San Antonio, Texas; and West Palm Beach, Fla. The course has been approved by the states of Florida, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Virginia—and this can be expanded based on members’ suggestions and needs.

“I encourage members who think their regions would be a good fit for an Insurers’ Forum to reach out to me,” adds Bimber.

If you think your region would be a good spot for our next Insurers’ Forum, please email

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