Continuing Education and Recertification Program

Recertification applies to accredited technicians who have previously taken and passed the Auto Glass Technician or Master Auto Glass Technician Tests. Recertification can be achieved by either retaking the test every three years or by accumulating 18 education credits over the three years and submitting a form listing the registered course/credit numbers and dates of training.

Credit for the exact same course/credit is allowed a maximum of once every two years to encourage diversity. Registered courses with updated content can be resubmitted and, if accepted, a new registration number will be provided.

Course material during or after registration that is found to be in conflict or inconsistent with the current Auto Glass Safety Council/American National Standards Institute/Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard™ (AGSC/ANSI/AGRSS) will be ineligible for credit until it is brought into compliance.

Trainers out of compliance either in record-keeping or teaching may have their registered accreditation course suspended until corrections are made.

A processing fee of $39 will be charged to technicians when re-certifying their AGSC accreditation via the CE program.

Topic Breakdown for CE Program
Students who opt to “recertify” through education credits must have:

  • 4 full credits in safety (employee safety and OSHA topics);
  • 4 full credits in adhesive systems (usually given by adhesive vendor or internal trainer);
  • 8 full credits in installation topics (tools, procedures and problems); and
  • 2 full credits in standards and information (ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS, NAGS and other data).

A maximum of no more than 12 credits may be accumulated in a 12-month period. No more than two of the required four adhesive system credits can be accumulated in a 12-month period to encourage receipt of updated information at least once every two years.


  • Trainers are required to provide attendance records to trainees and employers as well as to maintain their own copies for at least three years after the class (CLICK HERE to access the CE Course Tracking Log for Trainers);
  • Both shop management and individual trainees are encouraged to maintain their own records for each course/CE credit reference number accumulated for use when applying for recertification with CE credits (CLICK HERE to access the CE Course Tracking Log for Technicians); and
  • Credits gathered will remain active with the trainee even if he changes employers, but the trainee must retain his own records for use in the recertification submission.

Submission of Application
(Note: To be completed only by those applying to be CEU Course Providers.)
For fastest service, please email the completed application and supporting documents to Jeff Olive, Director of Quality and Training, at

Applications and supporting documentation may also be mailed or faxed to the AGSC at the following:

Auto Glass Safety Council
Attn: Jeff Olive
PO Box 569
Garrisonville, VA 22463
Fax: 540/720-5687 (Attn: Jeff Olive)

The Director of Quality and Training will submit the application and supporting documentation to the AGSC Education Committee members for final approval. Any questions related to the application will be consolidated by the Director of Quality and Training and submitted back to the applicant for clarification or revision, as applicable.

Final approval of the application will be communicated to the applicant by the Director of Quality and Training. AGSC typically provides approval of notification of a compliant application within three weeks from the date received from the company. The final approval will include the date AGSC officially registered the course for use, and the assigned course registration number.

See below for instructions for completing the application. If there are questions relating to completion of the application, please contact Jeff Olive at 540/602-3270 or

Instructions for Completing Application Form

Section 1 – Applicant Contact Information Section: Complete as requested. Questions relating to the application will be directed back to submitting party prior to registering course, as necessary.

Section 2 – Type of Credit: It is recommended that different credit types be registered separately for maximum class flexibility, even if given during the same class. (Although all contents of a course consisting of multiple credit types will be permitted, changes to any part would require re-registering all parts. It would be more flexible and easier to update if each of the credit types were registered separately with each topic having a separately assigned course number.)

Section 3 – Length of Class and Credit Count: To be counted as ½ CE credit, length of course must be a minimum of 30 minutes. To be counted as 1 CE credit, length of course must be a minimum of 60 minutes. Example: A typical half-day class might have ½ credit (30 minutes) in Safety, ½ credit (30 minutes) in Standards and Information, and 2 credits (120 minutes) in Installation.

Section 4 – Outline of Course Contents: Email a document to the Certifications Manager with a simple outline describing the training content, which area of the four required topics it pertains to, and the requested number of credits.

Example of properly completed course outlines are available below:

Section 5– Use of a Test to Measure Course Comprehension: This is not a requirement, but rather informational data being gathered by the AGSC. If a test is given, pass/fail tests should be retained by the trainer with the class attendance records. Retention of “teaching tests” is at the trainer’s discretion.

Section 6 – List of Main References Used: Please list sources of content used to create the course.

Section 7– Internal vs. External Training: Please indicate “Internal” if the course will be used for training solely within the company. Otherwise, please list as “External.”

Section 8 – Public Listing of Course: This section applies to external courses only. If Section 7 is listed as “Internal,” please indicate N/A.

Section 9 – Payment Information:  This section applies to external courses only.  Use this section to calculate and submit payment for fees due.

Section 10 – For Office Use Only:  N/A for applicant.  This section is for use by AGSC staff.