California BAR Drafts New Auto Glass Regulations

December 10, 2021

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has initiated a process to consider revised Auto Body and Windshield Repair regulations. The BAR held a public teleconference on October 21 to review their initial draft and AGSC Board and staff members participated in the teleconference.

Prior to the teleconference, AGSC sent a letter to the BAR expressing its interest in participating in the process and urging the committee to review the AGSC Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) and consider adopting it into its regulations as a state standard. The BAR’s draft would add a provision to the state regulations that states “Automotive repair dealers performing windshield installation or repair shall not use repair specifications, repair procedures, or install a replacement part that would cause the vehicle to not function as designed or in a manner that compromises the vehicle safety.”

Jacques Navant, AGSC Board member and ADAS Committee chairperson, spoke during the teleconference. Navant pointed to the AGSC letter requesting review and consideration of the AGRSS standard and said that the BAR draft provision was overly broad, subjective, and difficult to enforce. BAR officials responded that they were open to consider regulations affecting aftermarket windshields and expressed concern about the safety ramifications of calibrations related to auto glass replacement. BAR officials welcomed AGSC’s participation in the process and AGSC has invited them to take part in a Zoom training on calibration.

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