Calibration-Related Legislation Discussed at Auto Glass Week

November 15, 2022

by Seth Maiman
AGSC Director of Public Affairs

“Calibration-Related Legislation to Affect Your Business” was the topic of an Auto Glass Week 2022 education seminar conducted in San Antonio in September and led by AGSC officials president Mike Schenian, ADAS Committee chair and Board member Jacques Navant and public affairs director Seth Maiman.

The audience learned that the calibration bills at the state level sought consumer protections for ADAS equipped vehicles and assurance that calibration is performed and, if not, that the consumer is informed that calibration is necessary following windshield replacement. The AGSC trio detailed the 2021 Utah and 2022 Arizona laws as well as legislative proposals considered earlier this year in Illinois and Maryland, emphasizing that some of the bills also require itemized descriptions of work and accurate insurance information and seek to prohibit unnecessary glass replacement.

The panelists expressed general support for state calibration legislation, noting that the new changes to the AGRSS standard were very similar to some of the legislative language. They, however, warned that some of the provisions included in some state proposals seek to allow insurers to limit reimbursement amounts, regulate the relationship between insurer and auto glass services companies and include auto glass companies in the definition of an auto repair company imposing additional regulatory obligations on them.

Also discussed were state legislative attempts to codify the voluntary industry AGRSS standard into state law. These bills, following upon the Maryland 2021 law and directing appropriate state transportation agencies to promulgate rules or regulations that meet or exceed the AGRSS standard, were introduced this year in Massachusetts and Virginia.

AGSC expects that calibration legislation will be introduced in several more states in 2023 as policy makers begin to more fully understand the public safety ramifications of the failure to properly calibrate an ADAS equipped vehicles’ systems following an automobile repair or glass replacement.

Also in San Antonio, the AGSC Public Affairs Committee met to discuss strategies for the upcoming 2023 state legislative sessions and solicit additional support for state bills that seek to codify the AGRSS standard.

For more information on AGSC’s legislative efforts, please contact Seth Maiman, AGSC Director of Public Affairs, at

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