AGSC Works to Collect Vehicle Crash Data

June 2, 2021

AGSC is working to improve the collection of data regarding windshield failures in automobile crashes. It is currently working with the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to bring the matter to the attention of law enforcement to better document data relating to faulty windshield installations following automobile crashes.

The GHSA is a nonprofit organization representing the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement programs to address behavioral highway safety issues. GHSA’s mission is to provide leadership and advocacy for the states and territories to improve traffic safety, influence national policy, enhance program management, and promote best practices.

A recent™ article, Safety Council Looks toward Building Crash Data, highlighted the collaboration between the safety focused nonprofit organizations.

AGSC is reaching out to Law Enforcement Liaisons (LELs) in state highway safety offices who serve as essential conduits from their offices to the law enforcement community. AGSC officials recently met with officials of the National Law Enforcement Program (NELP), created by GSHA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to enhance communications between LELs, ensure greater nationwide coordination of activities, create and support training and guidance workshops to increase knowledge and skills. AGSC and GHSA are working together to raise awareness in law enforcement of the safety role windshields play in motor vehicles and develop pilot programs to improve data collection. AGSC’s Director of Public Affairs, Seth Maiman, recently authored a “Best Practices” article that is scheduled to be featured in the Spring 2021 issue of the The LEL, the NELP quarterly newsletter distributed to key law enforcement officials around the nation.

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