AGSC Welcomes New Member Pillars Auto Glass

April 29, 2024

Pillars Auto Glass is now an Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) Registered Member Company. Owner Chad Pillars founded the Plainwell, Michigan, company in 2018.

He started his shop with the goal of providing excellent work and customer service, which he says are rare in the auto glass industry based on the companies he’d worked at previously.

“I had been doing glass years prior to (starting my shop), but I was unimpressed with the quality and customer service of some of the places I had worked over the years and decided that I could do it better,” he says.

From the customer feedback Pillars Auto Glass has received, he has succeeded. Pillars says getting new business from customer referrals is particularly gratifying.

“When you get a referral, you don’t have to sell that job; it’s already sold for you,” he says.

Toward the beginning of 2024, Pillars says he got a customer who had three separate acquaintances who recommended they go to Pillars Auto Glass.

Pillars operates his business with two technicians and a trainee.

His commitment to quality led him to become an AGSC Registered Member. He wants to show his customers that he cares about the quality of his work and that an outside organization is holding his business accountable to that standard.

“I wanted to show them that we follow the standards and best practices,” he says. “Also, just to have a monitored process to keep us honest and make sure we do it right.”

Pillars says he thinks education and certification are essential, so he wanted to add AGSC membership to his shop’s credentials.

“I thought it would be just one more level of confidence for the customer,” he says.

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