AGSC Validation Program Garners Interest from Insurers

July 25, 2014

The Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) third-party validation program continues to grow in recognition from other parties, including insurers. In fact, a representative of a major U.S. insurer observed several AGSC third-party validations recently conducted by Penny Ouellette, regulatory compliance director and program manager for Orion Registrar, the firm that administers the program. Jean Pero, chair of the AGSC’s accreditation committee, also was in attendance during the validations.

“Having been involved with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS Standard™) and AGSC for so many years, I take for granted that all Registered Member Companies and insurance companies understand the validation process,” says Pero. “How wrong I was. The insurance company representative was under the impression that we would check paperwork in the office of the shop being audited, discuss the installation process and be on our way.

“However, he was very surprised and impressed with the entire validation process,” she continues.

Additionally, Pero says the representative was struck by “the competence of the shops validated.”

“An out-of-the-ordinary issue came up on the first validation, and the tech was textbook-perfect in his process,” she says. “Our guest was truly impressed.”

Pero also was able to spend a good deal of time with the insurance representative, discussing auto glass safety.

“It was very enlightening for me to spend several hours one-on-one with him and answer his questions concerning safe windshield installations, the AGRSS Standard and its history,” says Pero, who adds that she hopes other insurance company representatives might follow this representative’s lead.

“It would be a tremendous value if additional insurance company representatives would attend a validation to witness the incredible process practiced by the shops,” she says.

Others interested in observing an AGSC validation may contact the AGSC at for more information.

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